Testimonials from 'A​ngel Baby' Families

“Words cannot express how thankful we are for the Angel Gowns that you provide.”

-Lisa A., Indianapolis, IN


“We found Little Angel Gowns during the most devasting time in our lives. Burying our daughter was not something we had associated with our pregnancy. You never stop to think until you get home that you have nothing respectful to bury your Angel in.

Little Angel Gowns took that burden away.

Not only did they provide a beautiful gown to bury our precious Khaleesi in, but they provided life long support that will always be remembered. We want to thank Marie and all of the volunteers for their countless hours of labor and love. God Bless Little Angel Gowns and may your desire to help others bring you joy and happiness!”

-Faran Cheema, Darnell Bates, & Family


“I couldn't thank you guys enough for everything you have done. I lost my child last month at 4 months pregnant. It was the hardest thing I ever had to deal with my entire life.. never even though it could happen.. but when I had received the little gown pocket it helped me cope,thank you.”

 -Savannah Calloway And Ta-Ron Walker


 “I just want to say thank you, what you guys do is a true blessing!”

-Dalton Riddle


“Thank you ladies for a wonderful day and for bringing awareness to the public about infant bereavement needs. I have seen first hand the emotional devastation the loss of a baby can cause parents.

I have also seen the joy and relief on a parents face when I tell them I have something very special for their precious baby to be layed to rest in.

Thank you ladies for all of the hard work and love you put into each gown you make. And thank you to the ladies who so selflessly donate the wedding gowns that made them feel beautiful so a tiny angel can look as beautiful.. All Ya'll Rock and we will be back next yr to support your cause... God Bless!“

-Regina Rosenberger McQueary


“Awesome organization...So blessed to be a partner..“

-Patricia Dixon-Sprinkle


“Beautiful way to donate and help a family with their grief.“

-Tara Ann Mohrmann


“This amazing company provided suits for my nephews baby boys in March of this year. It was a blessing to our family and I can only hope that my donation will keep this company going.“

-Elizabeth Mae


“Thank you -this Organization did such a wonderful job for our Angel Gown .. Our little girl looked so beautiful with her detailed, heartfelt, Angel Gown. Truly grateful.“

-Jessica Ramos Gonzales


"Today we received a box filled with beautiful burial gowns for our babies. It is amazing to me and my colleagues how intricate and beautiful these outfits are. The sizing chart will come in handy when trying to figure out which outfit to give to a partic...ular little patient. These gowns will play a big part in assisting the babies’ families with the grieving process. The gowns show such love and devotion. Your dedication to this cause is admirable. Thank you also for the hats and the Beanie Babies which siblings will love to have at a time like this.

Again thank you for thinking of us and hope that you keep going forward with this wonderful craft and keep us in mind."

-Maria Osuch, RN, BSN, RNC-NIC
Nurse Manager, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit





"Thank you so much for the donation of the cloth envelopes and the crocheted angels. The envelopes make such a pretty package to put our information into and to hold precious keepsakes for the families who experience the loss of a baby through miscarriage. They are a blessing to our families."

-Jenny Cable RN

  Bereavement RN



"Thank you for sending those beautiful gowns! Our families will cherish them forever!

We really appreciate what you do."


-The Care Team

  Kyle Bowland

  Cheryl Smith


Dear Little Angel Gowns,


I can't thank you enough for the beautiful garments you sent to us. They are special for so many reasons. Our families relish any moments that has been a part of their child's life and what a thoughtful, touching gift as someone's wedding gown.

"Thank you" is not enough, but please know how much it means to the families and to the nurses and medical team!


-Leslie von Lehe, RNC 




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