Dream Gown becomes Angel Gowns

In Memory of Rizalina Ruby Luna died in womb 1 week prior to due date

Sy donated her gown in memory of her baby that passed at 20 weeks. She asked that Little Angel Pockets be made from her wedding gown. 

In memory of Drake Allen, March 25, 2003

Corrine C.

Dream Gown becomes Angel Gowns
In memory of my mom Marie Cannata






















































Kelsey Neidigh


In Loving Memory of

Baby Evans


Beth Stoker


In Loving Memory of Dorthy LaRue,

my mother who passed away on Nov. 16, 2014 at the age of 90 


Sandy Perkins



Tina Winslow


In Loving Memory of my great niece,

Judah Katherine Rush, born March 8th at 6:31 a.m.


Judy Moore


In Loving Memory of our babies


Randall Tomes


In Loving Memory of Mackenna Goad,

Honoring the strength and grace of her parents

Ken and Melissa Goad


Kate & Feliks Nemirovsky


In Loving Memory of Sophia Lynn


Nicole Cazares



Judy Moore



Sherry Ledbetter


In Loving Memory of Phoenix Rush


Randy, Nichole, & Addy 

In Loving Memory of Grace Hartman


Suzanne Moody


In Loving Memory of Sullivan


Tina Winslow


In Loving Memory of

Judah Katherine Rush


Cheryl Holladay


In Loving Memory of Trevor William

Angelversary August 4, 2013


Ellen Rector


In Honor of Kate Nemirovsky

and in Loving Memory of Sophia


Betty Silvas


In Loving Memory of

Bertie C. Talbot

David and Cathy Crane

2016 Family Sponsorship Charity Motorcycle Ride

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