Gala Sponsored Baskets

Each basket will have more than one sponsor 

Gardening Basket (3 Sponsors)

Sponsored By: Debbie Eastridge

Moscow Mule (2 Sponsors)

Sponsored By: Debbie Eastridge

Man's Best Friend (4 Sponsors)

Sponsored By: Nichole Heilbron

Bloody Mary's Anyone? (3 Sponsors)

Sponsored By: Heilbron Family

Family Game Night (4 Sponsors)

Sponsored By: "Donated in loving memory of Little Angel ZM by his Mommy and Daddy."

Taste the Rainbow

Sponsored By:

On the Wings of Angels Gala

June 22nd, 2019 Hoover-Randle Home & Gardens 5:30 Registration/ Silent Auction Begins 7:00 Dinner Please Join Us!

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