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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you accept other formal gowns besides wedding dresses?

Yes, we accept pale pink, pale blue, lavender, navy blue, and black bridesmaid gowns in addition to wedding gowns. We do not accept any other colors or any other type of formal gowns or formal wear at this time. Thank you for understanding.


Are you currently accepting wedding gowns?

YES! Please send an email to to find out our current policy and process.


Do you to take pictures of the gowns that are made from my dress?

The process of designing and making Little Angel Gowns is a complex one. Often times several wedding gowns are used together to create beautiful Little Angel Gowns. Because of this Little Angel Gowns does not guarantee photographs of completed Little Angel Gowns to wedding gown donors or on our Pinterest Pages. 


How long will it take for my dress to be turned into a Little Angel Gown?

It can take a very long time for a wedding gown to be processed and put into the hands of our volunteer seamstresses to be made into Little Angel Gowns. Once we receive the garments back from our seamstresses we then quality control check them, package them and ship them to families, hospitals, and funeral homes across the United States. This is a delicate process and one we take very seriously. Please know that we are working tirelessly to ensure that all wedding gowns and bridesmaid gowns are used as quickly as possible.


 Does my wedding gown need to be cleaned before I donate it?

NO. Please do not spend money dry cleaning your wedding gown. If your wedding gown has any odor we ask that you wash your gown before shipping. If your wedding gown is heavily stained, unevenly yellow from age or otherwise damaged it may not be usable. Please contact us via email at for instructions on how to safely machine wash your wedding gown. 

It is our commitment to hospitals and bereaved families to provide clean, beautiful and high quality Little Angel Gowns. Thank you for your understanding.


I am interested in sewing for Little Angel Gowns, how do I access the patterns?

Please send an email to Our lead seamstress will contact you via email. She will send you all the appropriate paper work and our guidelines. Once the guidelines have been met with her approval, she will give you the password. Thank you for understanding. 


Do you ever sell your patterns?

Sorry, our patterns are not for sale. We have spent many hours working with hospitals and funeral homes fine tuning these patterns. Currently, only seamstresses and sewists who work within our organization may use our patterns to make Little Angel Gowns. Thank you for understanding. 


Is the donation of a wedding gown or bridesmaid dress tax deductible?

Little Angel Gowns is a 501(c)3 non profit organization and donations made to us are tax deductible. We cannot value your donation, but we will send you a tax acknowledgement letter via email once we have received your donated wedding gown or bridesmaid gown. Tax donation acknowledgement letters will be emailed throughout the year and will arrive in plenty of time for the tax filing season. Alternately, you may include a self-addressed stamped envelope with your dress to receive a tax donation acknowledgement letter via mail.


Can I request Little Angel Gowns made from my wedding gown be sent to a specific hospital?

We provide Little Angel Gowns to any hospital that requests them; however, we cannot guarantee placement of specific Little Angel Gowns at specific hospitals.


Does Little Angel Gowns charge families, funeral homes, or hospitals for Little Angel Gowns?

All Little Angel Gowns are donated to hospitals and funeral homes and are a gift to the families, there is never a charge to the families, hospitals, or funeral homes.

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