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Baby in Baptism Clothes


...a simple act of kindness, when it is needed most.

Little Angel Gowns is a 501(c)3 charitable organization that transforms donated wedding dresses into beautiful infant burial attire. Often times with the passing of an infant there is nothing to clothe them in besides a simple blanket or shirt adding to the overwhelming heartbreak of the parents. Our beautiful handmade garments are provided as a gift to the grieving family.  Our hope is the recipient family experiences a measure of relief and comfort in knowing their loss has been acknowledged in a most personal way.  There is never a charge for our services, nor will there ever be. Almost everyone knows someone who has suffered the loss of a baby or perhaps even endured this pain themselves. 

Our Story

Founded in Indianapolis in 2014 by Marie Murphy, a career NICU nurse, who observed firsthand a very sad need –  appropriate burial garments for infants who do not survive. The devastating loss of their baby was compounded with the realization that no suitable garments were available for their precious child’s final journey.


Following research and consultations, simple designs were adapted to address the specific challenges and requirements of medical and burial professionals.  By transforming donated wedding dresses, beautiful yet practical burial gowns and infant pockets for the tiniest babies, were created to fill the need. 


Through a network of dedicated volunteer seamstresses across the United States ‘Dream Gowns…become Angel Gowns.’

Marie Murphy

learning to sew early on.

Our Little Angel Gowns are suitable for infants from under one pound to over 13 pounds. For infants, too small for a gown, we offer a specially designed pocket that best accommodates their size.  We offer gowns for girls, unisex, and small boys; a modified tuxedo design is available for boys three pounds to 13 pounds.  Also available are matching or compatible outfits for multiple births.  Each gift is individually packaged and includes a matching bonnet and keepsake heart memento.

Interested in donating your wedding dress? Click Here.

About Our Gowns

In The News...

Words of Gratitude

“Words cannot express how thankful we are for the Little Angel Gown that you provide.”

-Lisa A., Indianapolis, IN

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