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Dresses, Mine, and Theirs’

I could not ask you wonderful ladies to donate your wedding dresses if I wasn’t willing to donate mine. Yes, it is thirty years old. It was cleaned, preserved, and sealed in a nice blue box. This large box has been floating around the house, in the top of closets, the attic, and eventually a storage unit. It has been opened three times in thirty years, once for each of the girls to place their First Communion dress and once for a niece to try on my dress. No one is going to wear it. The girls are taller than I am. The decision to donate was easy. Of course, I would. I consider it an honor to donate my dream gown to make Little Angel Gowns. When Tinsley and Paige heard what I was doing they both said, “Donate my First Communion Dress”, so I did.

Marie Murphy, Founder

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