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Mom, Sewing, and Sewing Machine

I bought a sewing machine. Not a brand new one, but one that will meet my needs. I met a wonderful lady during the process, Cindy B. One hour of instruction on how to use the machine came with the purchase. How great was that! I have sewn in the past (the last time I made something the motor in the machine actually burned up! There was smoke coming out and I was praying during the last 6″), what was she going to show me that I didn’t know. Well I went with an open mind, and I learned a few things. Cindy is a great teacher, slow and methodical.

Later the same evening as I was laying out my pattern, my mom’s words came to mind, “Marie use the smallest amount of fabric possible, when cutting on the fold….” Later as I sat down at the sewing machine, I realized how lucky I was that Cindy gave me some instructions. The easiest part of the evening was using the machine. I felt my mom’s hands guiding mine as the fabric slid along the plate. It took me more than 5 hours to construct this tiny dress. I think I made every mistake possible. I took out some seams twice. Placed the collar on backwards. But with Cindy’s help and my Mom’s gentle voice, I got it done. My first Little Angel Gown.

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